Friday On The Farm ~ July 16, 2021

(Left Picture) My mom holding me in our newly built milking parlor when I was only a couple months old. (Right Picture) The Keith Family Homestead, in Entriken. It’s where I grew up and learned important life lessons.
It was important to us to incorporate cows into our special day. It was an added bonus that we were able to get a black and white Holstein cow and a Red and white Holstein cow. I always had red and white Ayrshire cows growing up… so the fact we were able to get something close to it was extra special to Ben and I. This picture is one of my favorites because the cow was more interested in my flowers than looking at the camera.
Kensinger Farms
Ben and our cousin’s son working to put a hand-held milker on one of the cows.
(Left picture) This is Joey. (Right picture) This is Rory. She is Joey’s mom and they both are part of the Lineback breed. Notice the white line down the back on both of them? This is what makes them so cool and are considered the 8th breed of dairy cows. Isn’t little Joey so darn cute!?!? Who wouldn’t just love a face like that?
New Holland tractor and the mixer wagon- this is the machinery that Ben uses to mix up his daily batch of feed for the cows, twice a day
(Left picture) Close up of the TMR mixture. (Right) This is 115 pounds of feed that ONE cow will eat in one day’s time.
Our cows loving their dinner meal
Who doesn’t love a selfie with a cute little red calf!??!



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PSU RULE ~ Ag Division

PSU RULE ~ Ag Division


A collection of PSU Rural Urban Leadership (RULE) Scholars going in depth about modern agriculture. RULE is the premier leadership program in Pennsylvania